Job Opportunity


Communications and Marketing Coordinator for Fusion Arts and Tandem Collective


Job Role

The successful candidate will be employed jointly by Fusion Arts and Tandem Collective – separate organisations with a shared and passionate commitment to artistic innovation and excellence, social justice, and environmental sustainability.


Fusion Arts is an East Oxford based charity. Since 1977 it has supported and connected artists with communities and inspired hundreds of bespoke creative projects. Through the transformational power of the arts, Fusion responds to challenging social circumstances by delivering meaningful and inclusive artistic experiences.


Tandem Collective is a community interest company which uses music and other art forms to engage communities with environmental and social justice issues. Tandem manages a diverse range of projects, currently including Tandem Festival, Ethno England, InTandem Publications, Tandem Skills Camp and ‘InTandem With…’ partnership events.


Fusion and Tandem are community-based organisations and the successful candidate will work across all levels of both organisations and with a wide range of individuals and partners outside the organisations.


Working Hours

Four days per week split between the 2 organisations as required. The successful candidate will be able to work flexibly and remotely, as well as in a team, as the role requires. Workload will vary across the year.


£25k pa (pro rata). 6 month, fixed term contract.

When delivering these services, the successful applicant will be treated as self-employed and will therefore take on responsibility for paying Income Tax and National Insurance contributions. We will make no deductions for these liabilities. Conditions do not include membership of a pension scheme.

Management Arrangements

The overall work plan will be agreed jointly by the Fusion Arts and Tandem Collective Boards of Directors.

Day-to-day operational management and 3 month appraisal will be through Fusion’s Artistic Director and a nominee of Tandem Collective’s Board of Directors.

Job Purpose

  1. Work with colleagues to develop and deliver marketing and communications strategies that reflect the aims and ethos of Fusion Arts and Tandem Collective, building on synergies where possible.
  2. Coordinate marketing and communications for all specific Fusion Arts and Tandem Collective projects.
  3. Develop specific strategies and content to increase ticket sales and audience reach for Tandem Festival.
  4. Develop and deliver strategies for expanding partnerships and sponsorship arrangements for both organisations
  5. Monitor and evaluate the effectiveness of the strategies and delivery plans on an ongoing basis.
  6. Manage interns and/or volunteers to carry out administrative marketing roles.


Key Tasks:

  1. Work closely with colleagues to develop and implement communications and marketing strategies.
  2. Create and manage digital content across multiple channels including press, social media, website and mail outs.
  3. Plan, deliver and evaluate a variety of different campaigns.
  4. Work closely with cultural partners and other organisations to ensure all messages are consistent and communications activity maximised.
  5. Highlight opportunities to support users, audiences, clients and stakeholders to tell their stories and generate fresh written and digital content highlighting the work of the two organisations.
  6. Commission and manage freelance content producers: – photographers, filmmakers, graphic designers, artists.
  7. Manage ad-hoc marketing support staff, interns and volunteers.
  8. Represent Fusion Arts and/or Tandem Collective at marketing meetings and events.
  9. Advocate for the arts, social justice and environmental sustainability at a local, national and international level.


Other tasks

  1. Undertake day to day administration as required, including the maintenance of an accurate information database.
  2. Manage and administer membership/accounts for numerous channels.
  3. Present initiatives and information at quarterly Board meetings, being an active member of any relevant marketing sub-committees.
  4. Attend annual review interview.
  5. Adhere to all Staff Handbook / policy documents.



The successful candidate will be able to demonstrate a strong track record in the following areas:

  1. Delivering successful communications and marketing campaigns for arts organisations, including an understanding of audience segmentation and targeted campaigning across all media platforms.
  2. Press management, including: preparing and distributing press releases and press packs for local and national media; arranging and/or delivering interviews; coordinating press and radio presence at live events.
  3. Creating and managing digital content, including: social media and web platforms; visual campaigns and promotional videos
  4. Working with graphic designers to prepare promotional materials and managing print distribution.
  5. Monitoring and evaluating the effectiveness of campaigns, including the development of appropriate metrics.
  6. Successful partnership working with organisations and community groups
  7. Successful engagement with sponsors.
  8. Working with and managing volunteers and/or interns.
 full info, job specifications and how to apply : Communications and Marketing Coordinator Tandem Fusion 2019

The deadline for applications is 4th February at midnight. Interviews will take place on 7th February in central Oxford.