Inside Out / Outside In

InsideOut/OutsideIn aims;

  • To provide creative, productive, inclusive and an equal space for detainees and community groups, where they can gain and demonstrate story-telling skills.

  • Using story telling, to create channels of communication between detainees, Campsfield House, local communities and the wider public.

  • To promote and ensure the techniques of story telling as a creative vehicle for self-expression for detainees and community groups.

  • To support self-expression and confidence building through creative channels to reduce stress suffered by detainees.

  • To create an uplifting experience for its participants, given the difficult circumstances they are in.

  • To promote inclusion of refugees in a wider society.

  • To support positive relations between different minority groups and the host society through story telling, with the aim of dispelling stereotypical ideas about each other; improving social inclusion and cohesion.