Inside Out / Outside In

March, 2012 - April, 2015

InsideOut/OutsideIn is a participatory story telling project that aims to reach immigration detainees based in Campsfield House Immigration Removal Centre and diverse community groups in Oxford to build a bridge between the groups through creative channels.

Previous projects run by Fusion in the community and at Campsfield have shown how effective story telling can be at reaching people from diverse and disadvantaged backgrounds and people in difficult personal circumstances. We are providing a three year-long structured story telling project using highly experienced bi-lingual artists to enable participants to explore their personal and cultural stories and express themselves with the related themes. The project will offer an exchange of stories between detainees and community members.

InsideOut/OutsideIn aims;

  • To provide creative, productive, inclusive and an equal space for detainees and community groups, where they can gain and demonstrate story-telling skills.

  • Using story telling, to create channels of communication between detainees, Campsfield House, local communities and the wider public.

  • To promote and ensure the techniques of story telling as a creative vehicle for self-expression for detainees and community groups.

  • To support self-expression and confidence building through creative channels to reduce stress suffered by detainees.

  • To create an uplifting experience for its participants, given the difficult circumstances they are in.

  • To promote inclusion of refugees in a wider society.

  • To support positive relations between different minority groups and the host society through story telling, with the aim of dispelling stereotypical ideas about each other; improving social inclusion and cohesion.

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