Faces Between Places


‘Faces Between Places’ was a multi-arts project involving homeless people, rough sleepers, and users of Oxford Night Shelter. The project was part of ‘Faces of Oxfordshire’, a county-wide venture celebrating the present community and history of Oxfordshire.


Local photographer Ed Hart led a series of photography sessions to enable participants to take their own pictures and capture their unique ‘fringe’ perspective of living in Oxfordshire. The participants’ photographs were exhibited in the Shelter Tent at the In-Tent-City outdoor exhibition in South Park.


Following on from this, participants were given the opportunity to compose a musical score using a range of instruments and computer software. Their music was used to accompany the Shelter Tent Photography exhibition, displayed at Woodstock Museum as part of the ‘Faces of Oxfordshire’ celebration in 2007.


For this project, Fusion Arts partnered with The Gap and Oxford Night Shelter, as well as other Oxfordshire-based organisations.


Faces Between Places