Future Food Kids – Barton



The Ministry of Imagination & Fusion Arts Present:

Tales from the Dinner Plate – Bayards Hill School

A programme of drama workshops is being developed on the subject of healthy food and food sustainability, aimed at helping children learn about healthy eating choices and the wider issues around food sustainability.

The project is part of Barton Healthy New Town, which is one of 10 healthy new towns sites which are part of NHS England’s Healthy New Towns programme; with the aim of creating innovative and sustainable ways for new developments to achieve improved health and wellbeing in communities.

Tales from the Dinner Plate uses creative techniques such as role -play, multi arts, storytelling and game playing we will contribute to the learning, development and healthy growth of young people with this series of highly creative and experiential workshops. The sessions will be fun and challenging for the pupils, ensuring participants are engaged in a positive message under the mantle of the expert, as ‘Future Food Scientists’.

The vision is for the pilot project to be adapted and adopted by schools nationally.

Reception:  “Oh You Sweet Things” – focus on sugar content in food.

Year 1: Healthy Habits Picnic Party – focus on healthy you, healthy planet.

Year2:  Stories from Misha’s Suitcase – focus on food waste.

Year 3: Future Food Scientists to the Rescue! – focus on healthy eating.

Year 4: The Oil Game – focus on energy consumption & resources.

Year 5: The Ministry of Future Food- focus on changing eating habits.

Year 6: Sustainable City Trade Game – focus on sustainable cities and the good food charter.




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Funded & supported by Oxford City Council as part of the NHS National Healthy New Town Project