Inside Out, Outside In


From 2012 to 2015, Fusion Arts launched Inside Out, Outside In, a ground-breaking community arts project that used the power of storytelling to promote the development of a stories exchange between immigrant detainees at Campsfield House and the local residents of East Oxford.


With experienced storytellers Gauri Raje and Sef Townsend, we held 12 participatory sessions each year at both Fusion Arts and Campsfield House to foster inclusivity, social cohesion, and positive relations among these diverse communities, and to promote the inclusion of refugees in wider society. Aiming to dispel wider stereotypical notions about different cultures and minority groups, the project provided an open, equal creative space for participants to gain storytelling skills and the opportunity for self-expression through creating and sharing stories to a diverse group. We reached out to the wider community across Oxfordshire by publishing a collection of these stories, giving a platform for voices and tales that had not been heard.


This project was funded by the Lankelly Chase Foundation and The Tolkien Trust, and supported by Oxford City Council.