Kaos in The City


The animation film Kaos in the City successfully committed itself to providing young individuals experiencing homelessness/temporary housing and other challenges with a high quality arts experience relevant to their situation.

Kaos in The City


The animation film is unique because it was the first time that the group had the experience of working on an animated film over a concentrated period of time.

Although we previously worked with film and video, we had not used any form of animation and had not targeted this particular age of group in the production.

The film offered to 16 (15-18years old) young people from Connexions and Life Housing, new skills in model making, animation, storyboard, editing and set design, a new opportunity to access new media; a voice to express young people’s ideas and experiences of living in Oxford; and confidence by showing their finished work to an audience.

The film was selected for screening at the Co-operative Young Film – Makers Festival, which is extremely rewarding for us and especially for the young participants.