Marston and Northway Children’s Centre Logo Project


In 2009, Fusion Arts worked with six local pre-schools and schools in the Marston area and with children and their families at the Marston Northway Children’s Centre to create a new logo for the Centre.


Connecting families through the arts, we ran a series of participatory creative workshops that explored the notion of children and families. Young children aged 5 and under participated in drama activities, such as role playing and word association games, followed by visual arts activities designed to translate the drama sessions into visual designs and ideas. From the workshops, families and their children came together to produce a vibrant new logo that would represent the support and togetherness that the Centre provided for these families.


Marston Northway Children’s Centre was a drop-in and support facility for young children and their parents, offering help with education, health, play, employment and training.


This project was funded by Marston Northway Children’s Centre.


Marston and Northway Children’s Centre Logo Project