Oxford Extra Arts


Joining the Cowley Road Carnival for another year, Fusion Arts collaborated with Cowley Road Works, Pegasus Theatre and Oxford Extra Arts in the summer of 2013 to deliver a series of arts workshops to 12 schools across the city. Up to 240 pupils worked with experienced visual artists and professional dancers from Pegasus Theatre to organise movement and dance routines and create vibrant costumes for the carnival procession.


Working with the theme of ‘Wheels of Change’ as inspiration, each school visited exhibitions at a University Museum in Oxford – either the Pitt Rivers, The Ashmolean, History of Science Museum, Oxford Museum and the Botanical Gardens – or the 100 Years of Mini exhibition at Mini Plant Oxford to gather ideas.


The carnival procession saw costumes and structures that included a sarcophagus and little Egyptians, vintage cars, and balloons influenced by their findings.


This project was funded by Van Houten Trust and Mini Plant.


Oxford Extra Arts 2013