Talking and Thinking Space


Artists Fiona Bailey and Shona Illingworth worked with young people to create a web-based public artwork as part of the inSite Commissions.

Talking and Thinking Space


The Talking & Thinking Space was a participatory digital arts project, which explores ideas of locality and sense of place in Oxford from young peoples’ point of view.

From January 2003, young people from the ‘Flex’ project, Oxford Community School, Union Street Youth Centre, The Mish, and Wood Farm Youth Club, became involved in the creation of a collaborative digital art work, which developed into a multimedia video and DVD which was streamed live on the web at

Young people from each group used video, digital photography and sound to investigate and document their diverse experiences of growing up in East Oxford and Wood Farm.

Young people actively explored ideas through brainstorming, hands on creative activities and guided discussion. Each group used digital video and stills cameras to ‘map’ their immediate environment with an emphasis on exploring and documenting locations with a specific individual and group relevance, highlighting their knowledge of and relationship with their immediate environment, and their ideas for stimulating positive change. Conversational commentaries were encouraged and facilitated during filming, and the incidental and directed discussions were recorded as an integral part of the work.

Collectively the work presents unique insights and alternative views of this world famous city from young peoples’ perspectives.

This project was supported by Arts Council England (RALP), East Oxford Action (SRB), Carnegie UK Trust, Oxfordshire County Council and Oxford City Council.