The Glow Tree


A 5m high stainless-steel sculpture for Blackbird Leys Community Centre, The Glow Tree was inspired by a popular community learning project. Several community groups participated in its construction. This project involved community workshops in which both adults and children from Blackbird Leys made their own cast relief sculptures with artist Neil Wood.


The Blackbird Leys Arts Group (BLAG) also benefited from a mentoring program. This not only included personal sessions, but the opportunity for three of the group’s members to visit the artist’s studio in Stafford to learn welding techniques and work on the sculpture itself. They also visited a foundry in Wales to cast their own bronze leaf designs for the tree sculpture.


The artist, BLAG members, and other community participants dug the foundation themselves, with the installation carried out by artist Neil Wood. 


This project was part of ‘Evolving City’, the Urban Cultural Programme coordinated by Oxford Inspires and managed by Fusion in conjunction with the local community.


The Glow Tree