Toddler Soundtracking Project


Led by Oxfordshire based artist and musician Phil Hanaway Oakley, Toddler Soundtracking aimed to develop musical skills, coordination, phonics, story telling, dance, self expression in toddlers (those under 3 years).

Each session focused on the Adventures of Prince Ahmed and the Original Live Score created and performed by Flight of Helios and the Lotte Reiniger Fairy Tales.  Using these, the toddlers were introduced the following;

  • Learning a Song: Adults were shown how to play a song on a Ukulele with the young people engaged in the process of learning.
  • Dance, Rhythm and Movement: the Toddlers were encouraged to move around the space in time to the music.
  • Watching and using the animation: The children were encouraged to choose an instrument to play. Key moments in the music and films were highlighted and the toddlers were then assigned sections to play along to.
  • Draw a score: The young people were asked to visually represent music by choosing shapes and colours that represented their bit of music.
  • Bringing it all together: Following a fruit and milk snack, the children then played through the whole piece of animation together.

“Euan really enjoys having the opportunity to use different instruments creatively. It is fun and relaxed while also being structured. Without knowing it he has learnt about rhythm and timing.”  


“Thank you for this inspiring day for Hugo! Hugo loved making sounds on the keyboard, also drumming for the animation movie, he loved the shoe decorating and the story and being an elf. He felt very well looked after by all staff, and was very impressed how well you managed a boisterous boy who was there too, so, basically, Hugo felt safe and, for the rest of the day after he left, he was full of joy, he was particularly happy to be with Rachel and was impressed with how lovely everyone was with him. He did not want the workshop to end he told me. I myself saw very little but from what I saw, I was very impressed with the love and care you have all put into it. It was fantastic to see Hugo so confident engaging with another girl there through close interaction and with confidence. Thank you.”


About the artist: Phil Hanaway Oakley has a BA Contemporary music. He is Music Tech at the Oxford based Pegasus Theatre, teaches Sound tracking and Composition at Cheney School and has 20 years teaching experience on the bass guitar.